Illusion of Life

Adding movement to your character really helps bring it to life and gives you the possibility to interact with it in a completely new way. While we are not a traditional animation company, we do believe in giving you the possibility to perform your character in a variety of ways

real or digital 


We love having a foot in both the real and the digital world. That's why we offer several solution for you to perform your character both as a real puppet, a digital puppet or even both. 


Most of our solutions involve real-time animation. similar to a video game. This provides a real benefit of being able to animate your character in real time and while we can provide you with a seasoned actor or performer, it's also easy enough for anyone to have a go.




Digital Avatars

Digital characters are all around us and can perform on a host of different platforms, from video game heroes and youtube hosts to 3D karaoke singers and giant projected creatures. We have a wide experience in creating characters and creatures for stage and screen and would love to hear how you imagine performing your character.


Digital Puppetry

The technologies we use to perform a character mostly involve some kind of motion or body tracking. They can range from off the shelf solutions to a blend of different tools, from simple object or head tracking to articulated fingers or full motion capture. We have a small in-house motion capture stage ready to perform your character and can collaborate with 3rd party service providers for more complex projects