Your character in !

At Oddbody we love creating characters out of thin air and  for us each character is a unique challenge.   We can take your idea or doodle and develop it into a fully fledged character print or animation in three simple steps : design, model, and 3d print or perform.  We also have the experience and the level of expertise to make our  character design process an all round creative and enjoyable experience.



This first step is all about capturing the big idea and making sure our design is just like you imagined it.


It can take several iterations to get to a succesfull design but all that's required is imagination and a sense of fun. Of course having years of experience at designing characters and knowing how to draw and paint also helps


At Oddbody we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves when we first design a character, from sketches and doodles to full illustrations


The second step aims to brings out the volumes and shapes of a design so they all work together to build a convincing 3D model of the character


Interpreting a sketch or 2D design into 3D is a skill in itself and requires not only modeling skills but also the ability to bring texture and surface detail to your character.


We're also modelers and sculptors, working in digital brushes and chisels as well a real clay, fabric, paper or wood

3D Print

The third step is where things really get exciting and we use cutting edge technology to help us create a printout of your model that you can touch and hold in your hand


Sometimes a clay or plasticine maquette is enough to translate a 3D design but often we can get more detail and flexibility out of being able to print a 3D model out in a variety of materials


We just love seeing our creations out there in the real world. So once you're happy with the design and the sculpt, we're ready to print, bake or even cast the character.


The final step is where the true magic happens and where we bring your character to life through gesture and motion


Our love of mime and puppetry has helped shape our unique blend of motion capture technology and real time animation. It's what makes our characters come to life and where you can be the performer.


We are all born mimics and performers and Oddbody can show you how to bring your  character to live and breathe through the art of motion, puppetry and mime

Here's what our customers say :

I personally feel Oddbody is a very talented artist. I very much appreciate his style in design and his offering a differing perspective on the design work. I will definitely hire him again.

Thanks Oddbody fabulous work!

OOki Kreativ

Owner and Manager

Swiss Inc

Owner and Manager