From 2D to 3D

Adapting a 2D character design into 3D is a challenge in itself and the modelsheet often proves an invaluable guide to translate the original design from paper into a 3d model. 

Modeling and Sculpting


Like people, 3D models come in all shapes and sizes. In some cases our clients will ask for a very low resolution polygon model and other times they will want a model made out of real plasticine. Our approach is to adapt our workflow to whatever the style you are looking for.

Cartoony, superreal, organic or hardegdged, whatever the chosen style, the basic steps remain the same : 3Dmodel the basic silhouette, sculpt out secondary shapes and then add surface detail, materials and polish in a final pass

Speedsculpt or Scan

Even if you do choose to go the digital route, we can still offer you a couple of options. The first option is to create the original sculpt in clay fiurst and then scan it onto the computer where we can clean up any scanning errors and prep it for further sculpting. The second option is to create a sculpt from scratch in digital clay. Whatever option you choose we can guarantee our own unique workflow, where we've integrated a variety of specialed tools and 3D applications and that is both reliable and flexible

Arts and Crafts

Every character is unique and sometimes a client will come up with a totally original character that also requires a unique approach. We are happy to try our hand at new media and adapt our way of working to fit your needs and requirements. Some of the other techniques we've used on projects is needle and thread, paper-cuts, paper maché or collage. Let us know what you want and we'll do our best to come up with a solution. We're also quick and eager learners.

Strike a Pose

When we create a character we don't only focus on the visual design but we also give a lot of care and thought to the pose and the accessories or props that a character uses.

This approach helps bring the character to life by giving it a backstory and a wide variety of ways to express itself. It also gives us the opportunity to create multiple figurines from the same base model, adding value and reducing cost.