Draw and Paint

Sometimes the first ideas for a character will be scribbled on a napkin or the back of a beer card, but most of the time we'll just draw them in a sketchbook or on a simple sheet of paper.

We then either take these sketches and scan them onto a pc to develop them further digitally or we start from scratch and draw them straight onto the screen using a digital tablet


Traditional Media

For some of our designs we'll stray away from a trusted pencil and paper or a digital tablet and venture into more traditional media like watercolor, oilpaint and pastel or mixed media techniques like papercut and collage. But throughout our main goal remains the same : to convey the design to the client through line, shape, rhythm and color.


Create Impact

The secret and often overlooked ingredient for a succesful design is to have a sense of play and be open to new ways of looking at things. That's also why we would like you to be part of the process and why we'll present the designs to you in an immediate, simple and iterative way.