Bologna ’18


We're off to Bologna !

After a two year hiatus we're going back to the annual children's book fair in Bologna.  We had a great time last time we went in 2015, but have been too busy over the last couple years to join in the fun since then.

We've also made some changes in our overall strategy, trying to shift the focus from our interactive books to more tangible figurines and statuettes based on some of our home-grown characters.

Having gained bags of experience sculpting, printing, molding and airbrushing our own figurines we also feel comfortable and confident in offering these services to other children's content creators.

We'll be going round different publishers showing our goods and handing out our details and in case you will be in Bologna this year and like what we do, we would love to get in touch and maybe hook up during the festival.

We are so looking forward to it !